Philip Ting

Senior Physiotherapist

  • B.App.Sci (Ex&Sp.Sc)
  • MPhty

Phil has over 12 years’ experience as a physiotherapist with a Masters of Physiotherapy and a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science from Sydney University. He has considerable experience in private practice and is an expert in the management of sports injuries, particularly shoulder, knee and ankle injuries. Phil has extensive experience in post orthopaedic rehabilitation and many surgeons utilise Phil’s expertise for post operative rehabilitation of their patients. He has experience treating either chronic or acute neck and back pain as well as TMJ pain. He is also able to perform bike fit assessments and set up.

Phil’s aim is to ensure a correct diagnosis and cause of injury. He utilises manual therapy techniques, postural control, motor control and strengthening exercises to rehabilitate his patients. Educating his patients about their injury is also key to recovery. He believes this helps patients understand the cause, prognosis and rehabilitation as well as prevention or recurrence.

Phil enjoys getting out on his bike, rollerblades and snow skis. He has competed in track & field at a national level and has worked with AFL & netball teams, whilst also having coached martial arts.