Pymble Physiotherapy Facilities

Pymble Physiotherapy’s facilities are designed to provide the best available treatment which means our expert physiotherapists have access to the greatest range of equipment. Our state-of-the-art gym facility is equipped with a squat rack, Olympic barbells, cable machine, leg press, stationary cycles, treadmill and group exercise space.

These facilities allow us to perfectly tailor your treatment based on your specific needs to get you moving at your best.

AXIT – Measuring Performance

Perfect assessment helps us write the perfect program. Pymble Physiotherapy incorporates the AxIT muscle force plate system into our clinical assessment.

The AxIT system provides movement analysis that enables us to rule out serious injury and identify specific areas of dysfunction which means we can give you the perfect exercise program.

AxIT force measurement technology also provides quantifiable data on your movement mechanics so you can see improvements happening in real time.

AxIT assessment can identify strength imbalances that would otherwise be difficult to recognise by strength testing or movement analysis which makes it the perfect tool to perform pre season assessments for injury prevention.