Treatment modalities that we use include:

Hands on manual therapy (mobilisation, manipulation)

Manual Therapy encompasses a variety of hands-on techniques including mobilisations of individual joints, muscle energy techniques, manipulations, distractions and soft tissue releases. Our physiotherapists have extensive manual therapy backgrounds, encompassing a variety of different techniques and styles to adapt to your presenting condition.
Manual Therapy can be used to treat a variety of conditions including but not limited to osteoarthritis, tendinitis, headaches, low back and neck pain as well as more acute injuries such as ligament sprains and strains. It is often very effective in reducing pain and stiffness and getting you moving faster and more efficiently.
Soft tissue release techniques

Dry needling / acupuncture

What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a versatile treatment mode that can be used to relax tight bands of muscle (trigger points) that cause a muscle to feel tight and resistant to lengthening. Trigger point dry needling is quick and effective with lasting results.

How Does Dry Needling Work?

Most patients don’t feel the insertion of the needle. There can be a “twitch” which is the desired outcome and is what leads to the muscle repair. Some patients describe this as mild discomfort similar to a muscle cramp however this sensation only lasts a moment. Side effects are rare – if there are any there may be some short-term mild soreness in the area.
Our dry needling qualified Physiotherapists are able to adjust the treatment intensity to ensure you achieve the best outcomes with minimum discomfort.

Radial pressure wave therapy

Radial pressure wave (RPW) or shockwave therapy uses ultrasound technology to treat bone & soft tissue injuries. RPW therapy sends high-energy sound waves into the treatment tissue to reduce muscle pain/aches and promote a healing response without surgery or medication.

Over the last 20 years, shockwave therapy has seen increasing use in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. The sound wave hits the body at the skin surface and then travels to a depth of 5cm, where it creates oscillations (repetitive back & forth movements) in the tissue. This stimulates blood supply and cell growth in the damaged area, leading to the regeneration of healthy tissue and bone.

RPW therapy has applications in a range of musculoskeletal injuries. Talk to one of our physiotherapists or call 9488 9584 to find out if RPW therapy is suitable for you.


Taping can be a popular adjunct to a variety of physiotherapy treatments. It can be used to assist with posture and movement correction, to restrict range of motion to promote healing and even to allow an early and safe return to sport.
Our physiotherapists have all worked extensively with sports teams and are all trained in a variety of taping techniques for sports specific applications and temporary pain relief. We work with Dynamic Tape, Kinesio Tape, K-Tape, Rock Tape and rigid tape.
Your physio will make a guided decision based on your needs as to which tape is best for your injury or condition.

Bracing & Splinting

Braces and splints are specifically designed devices that safely support the injured area during the healing process. They are specifically designed to provide support and compression to the affected area and may also limit the range of movement,
Choosing the right brace depends strongly on the affected area (knee, wrist, ankle etc) and the severity of the injury. Usually bracing will be more effective in treating mild to moderate injuries and can also be used in post-operative care. Cam Walker Boots are used for lower limb fractures and bone stress injuries and allow weight bearing during recovery.
Our physiotherapists are experts in selecting and fitting braces that have optimal levels of support without affecting your daily activities. Brace fitting appointments include rehabilitation exercises to ensure you maintain function during recovery.
Remedial Massage Therapy
Ergonomic and postural advice
Functional strengthening programs
Rehabilitation and exercise programming